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PeggyBank wants you to feel comfortable with everything we do. No question should go unanswered. If you have one that isn’t listed below, call or email us now and we’ll get you the answer right away.

Q. - Why is PeggyBank my best option for digitizing, preserving, and sharing my movies, images, and audio?

A - PeggyBank has state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained technicians, an incredibly user-friendly website, and affordable prices. We also do all our work in-house to ensure the highest quality control.

Q - How can I mail my materials to PeggyBank safely, quickly, and affordably?

A - Try our PeggyBox Kit with a pre-paid FedEx label addressed to our headquarters. Simply place your materials in the PeggyBox and drop it off at any FedEx or Kinkos location. You can also use your own box and delivery service, but most of our customers choose the simplicity and reliability of the PeggyBox plus FedEx option.

Q - Will my original media be returned and how much will I be charged for shipping?

A - All your original media plus any flash drives or DVDs will be returned via FedEx Ground for a flat $14.99 shipping fee. When we complete your project, you will receive a tracking number by email.

Q - Which home movie and audio formats can PeggyBank convert into digital?

A - We can convert virtually any format that has ever been available for use in the United States and overseas. Common formats include movie reel-to-reel tape (8 mm and 16 mm, both with and without sound), Betamax, VHS, NTSC, PAL, Hi-8 from camcorders, Mini-Disc, DV tapes, CD-Rom, audiocassettes, audio reels, and DVD.

Q - Can you make electronic copies of my photos? Negatives? Slides?

A - All of the above! Photos can fade, bend, and tear. Negatives are even more fragile. And who owns a slide projector these days? Send your images to PeggyBank, and we'll convert them to digital versions that will last forever.

Q - Do you scan larger sized photos and documents?

A - We can scan up to 23" x 18" photos and non-copyrighted documents. Anything larger than an 8" x 10" photo or document will be priced at $.99 per scan. If you have a regular photo (sized 8" x 10" and under) the price is only $.59.

Q - Can I convert my precious documents, such as birth certificate, marriage license, college diploma, business contract, or will?

A - Certainly. It can be vital to have electronic backups for all of these items and more.

Q - If my tape is blank, damaged or contains copyrighted material will you refund my money?

A - Copyrighted tapes will NOT be refunded as our technicians still need to process the tape in its entirety to ensure there is no transferrable material present. If a tape is obviously copyrighted upon receipt, our technician will not charge you for this tape on your invoice. Blank and damaged tapes will be refunded to your credit card. If the tape is part of a discounted order a credit with PeggyBank will be issued.

Q - What will happen to my old media? My photos, slides, films, etc.?

A - If you wish, we will FedEx a PeggyBox back to you with your original media, along with the digitized versions that we have put on flash drives, DVDs, or whatever you choose. If you chose, we can destroy your materials for you.

Q - What happens if I don’t want my materials back?

A - If you expressly tell us to recycle your old media, we will hold on to all of it for the next six months just to be sure you don’t change your mind. At the end of that period, we will send you an email saying, “Are you sure you don’t want your originals back?” If you assure us that you don’t we will recycle them. If you say, “Come to think of it, I would like the originals back as mementos,” we will FedEx them right away.

Q - How long will it take for PeggyBank to digitize my materials and preserve my memories?

A - Due to the overwhelming success of our recent Groupon offers, we are experiencing a temporary production backlog of 10-12 weeks.

Q - My sister’s getting married in 10 days and I want to make a video slideshow for the prenuptial party. Do you have rush services?

A - Please call PeggyBank directly for expedited services. You can reach us at 1-877-894-5199, or send us an email to

Q - I have a boxes and boxes of stuff—can you really handle all of it?

A - Yes—we have enough space, equipment, and staffing at our headquarters to accommodate the largest orders. You might need to use several PeggyBoxes for a really big order, but we will be ready for it.

Q - Couldn’t I do all of the digital conversions myself? How can PeggyBank save me time and/or money?

A - If you have the right equipment, the technical expertise, and the time, you might be able to do some of the digital conversions on your own. But some of the equipment we use is highly specialized and extremely rare—for example, it is unlikely that you have a hand-made, retro-fitted, digital reel-to-reel reader just lying around in your basement. By all means, convert what you can or are willing to do, and send the rest to us. Or, just put all your materials in a PeggyBox and spend your time making more memories.

Q - Why is PeggyBank a better option than using a local camera store?

A - Saving memories is all we do at PeggyBank and we’re very good at it. Our technicians are trained to lovingly care for all of your old media: home movies, audio cassettes, slides, photos and everything else, in virtually any format that has been available over the last 100 years.

Q - Can you put my videos and photos on a DVD? A CD? A flash drive? The internet?

A - We can store your data on the storage device of your choice. First, we’ll keep a copy of everything we digitize for you here on our servers. Second, for an additional fee, we’ll mail you as many copies as you’d like on whatever storage device you choose. Many customers find a small “flash drive” (a.k.a. “thumb drive,” a.k.a. “jump drive”) to be the most convenient and economical. Others prefer larger hard-drives, CDs, or DVDs. Once you receive your device, you can transfer your memories onto you computer, .mp3 player, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Q - I have footage in a half-dozen formats: reel-to-reel, Betamax, VHS, mini-disc, and more. Can PeggyBank convert all of those different media?

A - Yes. In addition to numerous machines that play most of the formats that have been available for the last 100 years, we’ve retro-fitted rare equipment to convert your old media into the most modern digital version. If you have audio or video on a tape/film reel/disk/drive/whatever, we can convert it into MPEGs and JPEGs that you can save on your computer, sync to your iPhone/Droid, and view via the internet.

Q - Half of my stuff isn’t labeled—can PeggyBank help me organize it?

A - If your box of memories is a bit of a jumble, you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians will inventory exactly what you have sent us, label what we convert based on its content, and provide you with detailed information on the exact numbers of movies, tapes, slides, etc. that we have received. Your digital versions will be 1000 times easier to keep track of than your analog versions.

Q - What if some of my materials are in really poor condition? What if some of the videotapes are blank or unreadable?

A - PeggyBank can fix broken tapes, clean obscured images, and even speed up or slow down movies and sound that have become warped over time. If a tape is blank or simply too mangled to be salvaged, we won’t charge you for it. We work all-day, everyday, on old films, slides, photos, and tapes. Our equipment is carefully calibrated to perform the highest quality digitization possible, given the condition of your source materials.

Q - Where do you find the machines to play obsolete media? I tried to buy a film projector locally and couldn’t even find one.

A - PeggyBank utilizes state of the art equipment to play and convert media that has long gone out of fashion. A number of our machines have been hand-built to accommodate obsolete formats; others have been retro-fitted to take your memories from analog to digital. Don’t worry if you can’t find a bulb for your old 8-mm projector, or you can’t find your slide projector at all. We have the equipment, and we will use it to take your family archives into the digital age.

Q - What about my sound recordings? Can PeggyBank preserve audio cassettes, CDs, or even answering machine tapes?

A - No problem. Send us what you have on those obsolete devices, and we’ll send you digital versions you can put on your computer, stereo, iPod, phone, and anything else you’d like.

Q - Can you make a photo montage or video montage and set it to music?

A - Absolutely. PeggyBank can prepare a professional looking montage for any occasion - your child’s wedding, your anniversary or high school class reunion. We’ll send you the digitized source material so you can edit it with your own personal touch if you like. Please see our Special Projects Page.

Q - What if I have the old reel-to-reel tapes in a box, but I already converted them to VHS? Which version should I send to PeggyBank to convert to digital?

A - Well, it depends: which tapes are in better shape, the reel-to-reel or the VHS? Was the original conversion done at the highest possible quality? If you aren’t sure, send them both and we will use whichever will result in the cleanest, most complete digital version.

Q - I have a digital camera, but I’m not sure how to get the pictures off of it. Can I just send you memory card that is inside and let you do the rest?

A - By all means, you can send us your memory card and let us take over from there. You don’t need to mail us the camera. While we’re working on what you have sent us in your PeggyBox, you can be creating even more memories with your camera—just purchase another memory card from any number of places: local camera store, Best Buy, Circuit City, Walgreens, your grocery story, , or any of a thousand other websites.

Q - I have a hand-held camcorder but don’t know what to do with the tapes or mini-disks that are inside. Can I mail you the tapes or mini-disks? Do I have to mail you my camera, too?

A - Yes, you can mail us your tapes or mini-disks and we will take care of everything. You do NOT need to send us your video camera. We’ll get to work right away converting your home movies. In the meantime, grab a new tape or mini-disk and start recording a new film.

Q - Can PeggyBank make a DVD for me that I can watch on my TV? On my computer?

A - Yes, we can put your memories into virtually any format you desire. We can make a DVD for you that will indeed play on your TV and computer. We can also send you your memories on a flash drive or “thumb drive,” which is so small that you can attach it to your key chain. The flash drives we use hold 8gb of information, plenty of storage for all your memories.

Q - How will the quality be if I get a DVD?

A - We understand that many of our customers only have the ability to watch movies from DVDs on their television. We also love to pop in a DVD and watch our movies with the whole family and hope you will too. However, we like our customer to know that DVDs are a format that also has a shelf life (think VHS Tapes, and Mini DVs) and will soon be irrelevant. DVDs can become damaged, have a lower quality as the videos are compressed, and are not easy to copy.

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