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We're happy, very happy, to do what we do. Everyday at PeggyBank we get to see amazing things. Home movies from the 1940's for example, and photos from some of the best days of people's lives. Even better, we get to see the look on people's faces and hear the emotion in their voices as they describe how moving it is to see cherished memories come alive again.

The moment is a powerful one and we never get tired of it. It's why we started PeggyBank in the first place, and why we put heart and soul into keeping your memories safe. That passion, our technical wizardry and years of experience at the highest levels of media production are yours when you trust your images to us. You can be confident your memories will be preserved by a professional who knows how much they mean to you today and how much they will mean to future generations in the days to come.

How PeggyBank came to be

PeggyBank was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 2010. Our roots however, stretch a lot further back.

Growing up in the 1970's, PeggyBank founder Jim Simon was fascinated by his family's home video camera. He loved the technology sure, but even more, he loved the camera's ability to capture the events that shaped his family and friend's lives. Jim filmed everything, his siblings' birthday parties, his grandparents' anniversaries and even his own comedy routines.

Fast-forward to 2010, when Jim attempted to transfer all the photos, slides, audio recordings, and home movies that he had collected over the decades to digital. It wasn't an easy task. Because technology changes rapidly, he had media in dozens of older formats that modern devices couldn't read.

Realizing that millions of other people must be in the same predicament, Jim started PeggyBank. Sadly, after the passing of his father, Jim inherited years of photographic and film memories from his Dad. Knowing how wonderful it was to relive and save these moments, Jim wanted to help other families get their cherished memories out of boxes and the attic and onto a modern, crisp, clear and easily shared digital format.

Jim had a successful career in a series of Internet ventures with Omaha Steaks, America Online, and Pear's Gourmet behind him. He knew first-hand how to bring cutting-edge technology to the marketplace in the most user-friendly way possible.

So Jim assembled a Dream Team of audio/visual experts, web designers, and marketers, including Marcia Kapustin. A pioneer in media production for politicians, professional sports teams, and rock stars, Marcia brings a wealth of talent, experience and passion to the task of preserving and sharing family memories.

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“PeggyBank digitized my mom's 8mm film reels from the 1940s and 1950s that had been stored in 2 large shoeboxes for decades and that she believed were lost memories. I was with my mom as we opened the first file- there was my Grammy celebrating my uncle's birthday and playing with my mom as a baby. Seeing the emotion on my mom's face as she saw her mother and grandmother was priceless. We were blown away by the breathtaking quality of the images. PeggyBank truly made my family's past come alive for my mom, our family and for generations to come!”

- Lisa Epps Dade, Kansas City, MO
“WOW! What fun! What can I say, but thanks! This was well worth the investment in our recorded history.”

- Bob Leavitt, Omaha, NE

“We have scanned nearly 4700 photographs, and let me tell you, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Amazing!”

- Darlynn Fellman, Aspen, CO
“I was recently talking with a woman who told me that she could take all our old family photos and really do something with them. I knew she was very organized and sincere in every way. My wife and I have boxes and boxes of old and new pictures, duplicates, reprints, framed photographs, photo albums, negatives and even rolls of film. Over the years, we have moved these family gems many times. The woman went on to tell me that she could organize and digitize ALL of our mess, and give them back to us in much simpler form. It’s true. They are very fast, trustworthy and did a great job. Thank you PeggyBank!”

- Tom Fellman, Aspen, CO
“Incredible! I showed my kids digitized pictures from my childhood and they couldn't believe how cute I was. Thank you, PeggyBank!”

- Sofia Holgate, Green Valley, AZ

“I just listened to my grandparents singing Happy Birthday to me when I was 5 - 40 years ago! PeggyBank made this possible...”

- Cody Vosburg, Yuma, AZ
“I have shared hundreds of photos and videos with friends and family, I just love reintroducing them to our past.”

- Kathy Weil, Phoenix, AZ

“They are very fast, trustworthy and did a great job. Thank you PeggyBank!”

- Tom Fellman, Aspen, CO
“WOW! What fun! What can I say, but thanks! This was well worth the investment in our recorded history.”

- Bob Leavitt, Omaha, NE

“We converted our wedding video to share with my children and it has become their favorite video to watch. Incredible!”

- Wendy Wright, Potomac, MD

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